February 7, 2013: Dad Babysits

This morning is dad’s first time being alone with the girls.  Dominica was off to work early, as she usually is on Thursdays, so dad came over to take care of the girls while I am at the office.  My Thursday morning call that I have weekly has been moved to nine o’clock rather than eight thirty so it is easier for me to get out the door and make it to the office for the call rather than doing it from home before going in.  I got Luciana’s diaper changed and Liesl dressed and I was out the door.  Dominica is just up the street so if dad needs her, she is only minutes away.

Everything went well, though, for dad and the girls.  They did a pretty good job of wearing him out, though.

I have tons of work that is due tomorrow so I came home and got right to work for the entire evening working at Dominica’s desk.  We had stayed up last night too late as well.  Well I had, Dominica had to go to bed early because she was going into the office this morning so I had stayed up until about three getting work done.  Tonight I was beat so I went to bed at nine, just a little bit after dad had headed back to the hotel.

My work is going well and I should have no problem getting it all completed for tomorrow night’s deadline.  Boy am I ever busy these days, though.

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