February 8, 2013: Finishing My First Project

Today is Friday.  Dad ended up watching the girls mostly on his own today because Dominica ended up just being really busy and needing to work much of the day.    I was in the office all day.  I actually got up nice and early and got into the office pretty early.  I am feeling good today as my workload, while heavy, is coming along well and I should have no issues wrapping up my first big block of work by eleven tonight which is my deadline on it.

I had to talk to my adviser at RIT today.  I am hoping to get everything underway for the next quarter so that I can wrap up my degree program.  Fingers crossed that that will work out.  Very anxious to get that completed.

After work, as she often does on Fridays, Dominica had me go to Rockfish and pick up dinner.  I was out at a moderate time for a Friday getting home around seven with our food.

We ate dinner and watched some more of Are You Being Served? which Dominica and I have been working through for the last few weeks.  We are nearly done with all ten seasons now.  Every few years we watch through the entire series.  It is one of our staples.  I have been watching that show since mom and I used to watch it together when I was probably around middle school age.  That’s the show that I used to watch and eat chocolate chips in peanut butter like my girls do now.

Dad took off shortly after dinner.  He needs his rest.  I worked until eleven, finished my project and was ready for bed myself.

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