February 25, 2013: Thirty Seven

I am thirty seven today.   Thirty seven is one of those milestones that actually makes you feel old.  I am now in my late thirties.  How did that happen?  I can’t believe that forty years old is right around the corner.  I still feel so young.  Sometimes I forget that I am not a kid anymore.

Dominica went into the office early as usual on Mondays.  I got up not long after she went to work.  I am home with the girls today.  Best way to spend a birthday.  I got about an hour or more of work done in the morning before anyone else woke up too.

This morning FedEx stopped by with my birthday surprise.  Dominica got me the new Kindle Paperwhite that I have been wanting.  It is smaller than my current Kindle and, far more importantly, it has a higher resolution and a built in light so that I can read it in the dark which is very important as that is normally where I am trying to read.  She also got me an awesome orange (actually persimmon) case that is perfect for the Kindle.  Fits great, looks great and when you close it it automatically puts the Kindle to sleep making it way easier to use.  This is a touch screen Kindle rather than having a keyboard like my old one.  She also got me The Music Man on BluRay which I have been wanting for a long time.  I think that Liesl is finally old enough to watch some of that stuff.

I got my new Kindle charged up and loaded with books.  I am really looking forward to reading my collection of electronic technology books that I have amassed now.  With my old paper book library mostly going away, having a really nice Kindle for reading my growing collection of eBooks is important.

The girls were angels today.  They spent tons of time playing together.  It was so cute.  They really did a good job playing together today.  Luciana took a four hour nap for me too.  That is very unusual.  I am sure that she is completely exhausted from her weekend in Houston.  She is not used to that level of activity.

After work Dominica hit Walmart to do some shopping then went to Eat St. to get Indian take away for dinner and we ate at home while watching some of Arrested Development which we have only ever watched once and I get that that was in around 2006 or 2007 (I am too lazy to look it up.)  That was a great show and we are really excited to find out that Netflix bought the rights to it and is bring it out for its fourth season, ten years after the original aired, exclusively on Netflix and with the entire original cast.  Very cool.  It is incredibly rare for something like this to happen and it is amazing to finally see the Internet television providers, Netflix and Hulu primarily, commissioning full scale new television programs to be made.  Now if we can only convince Netflix to buy the rights to continue Firefly!  So anyway, we are watching our way through Arrested Development again to get ready for the fourth season which should be releasing in May.

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