February 26, 2013: Busy Upcoming Month

Back in the office today.  Didn’t even remember that yesterday was my birthday until I started writing today’s post.  I’m feeling a little tired today, probably all of the junk food from yesterday and the weekend.

Just a normal office day today.  We have a busy week coming up next week.  Our plans keep changing.  Originally March was set to be decently low key.  Now the Ralstons are coming next week, the Grices are coming up the week following and I am looking at maybe flying out to Silicon Valley at the end of the month!  From nothing to busy in no time flat.

Right now the Ralstons are expected to arrive probably on Monday night.  So we are trying to get the house into order a little bit to be ready for them.  Not too much, though, as that is still a week away.

Dominica didn’t feel like going out tonight so rather than going to Brookhaven I just picked up some Panda Express on the way home from work.

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