February 27, 2013: Early Morning

Luciana got me up at four thirty this morning and, wanting to be productive, I decided to stay up and see how much I could get done this morning.  So I worked in my office till nearly eight, then got ready and went into the office.

Again, just a normal office day.  I came home and watched the girls during lunch today so that Dominica could make a trek to the salon but that was about it.  I ended up working from home for the afternoon as I was busy and there really was to reason to head back into the office.

The Ralstons are pushing up their trip and rather than coming next week they are pretty sure that they are going to be driving down to Texas tomorrow instead so we might see them as early as Friday evening.  They are hoping to get down here so that they have time on Saturday to go out and look at some towns where they might be interested in buying a house.  So we need to move up our house cleaning schedule significantly.

We are getting better and better about getting the girls to bed at a good time and also about not staying up late ourselves.  Instead of Liesl not getting to bed until almost eleven, she is starting to ask for her chocolate milk around seven thirty pretty consistently, uses the potty on her own and often heads to bed around eight thirty!  This allows us to be in bed by ten which is really helping.

I am totally loving my new Kindle Paperwhite.  I am using it to read in bed for a bit every night.  It is perfect for the way that I like to read.

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