March 10, 2013: Ralston House Shop in Ft. Worth

Today is a bit of a relaxing day.  Yesterday the migration completed so well that there is nothing that we have to do today and so we all get the day to relax.  We are very thankful that the migration went so smoothly that it did not require anything more from us today.

I am the “on call” person this weekend and had to get up on the early side and log in and work pretty steadily all morning.  I was even more tired considering that last night was the time change so we lost an hour of sleep as well.  I sure hope that my children read this someday and laugh about what backwards, archaic fools we were to have allowed our government to do something so foolhardy.  Few things highlight the incompetence of government like honoring the daylight savings time system.

Art and Danielle decided to run out the south side of Fort Worth this evening to look at villages out that way that might be of interest to them.  They were not too happy with the Internet access options in the wilderness out on the east side of Dallas.  They are hoping that there might be a little bit more civilization down to the southwest rather than the northeast.

When they got back they were pretty happy with what they had seen out in the southern direction.  They are hopeful that they will be able to find a house that direction.  Their real roadblock is selling their house in New York, not finding one in Texas.

This evening I had to work on course work for RIT a bit.  I had my second assignment set due this evening and had to work through that.  That took a bit but it wasn’t bad at all.  I am very excited to be on my final semester of classes!

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