March 11, 2013: The Ralstons Return to New York

Today is the big “after day” for the weekend’s exhausting migration.  So everyone but me is at work with Dominica today.  Danielle took in a baker’s dozen dozen of donuts (does that make it a baker’s gross?)  That went over well.  Dominica and Art were able to handle the very few issues that came up without any problem and Art and Danielle were able to head back to the office late in the morning, pack the car and get on the road long before noon to try to make it back to New York as soon as possible.  They were really excited about that, they are looking forward to being home again.

So by noon it was just me at home watching the girls who were both very good today and I barely knew that they were there at all.  Dominica worked a full day and came home and worked some more.  She is really tired but is only going to do a half day yet on Thursday and consider the weekend to be her working hours for most of the week.

I had to work a lot today and this evening we just relaxed for the most part.  This is our one and only night in which we have the house to ourselves for the next week.  The Grices will be arriving around ten tomorrow morning and Nate and Bob are expected to arrive from Ithaca sometimes tomorrow evening.  The Grices are planning on staying until Sunday.

We watched some Rick Steves shows that have recently been added to Hulu Plus.  His seventh season still has not shown up but some of his longer, special episodes have. So we watched his Best Hidden Spots in Europe, Christmas in Europe and his show on Iran which was really excellent.  The first two were mostly made from other shows that we had seen previously but his trip to Iran was all new content for us.  Liesl was very excited to watch the one episode that showed Hallstat in Austria where we spent a few days.  She remembered it and thought that it was great seeing it on the big screen.  This is Dominica and my first time seeing film of Hallstat since being there as well and it was really cool to see houses, boats, restaurants, path ways and more than we knew and remembered well.  That’s not something that you get to do very often.

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