March 17, 2013: A House to Ourselves

Alarm went off at four fifteen this morning.  Was out the door with Nate and Bob on the way to DFW in just ten minutes.  It was a quick run to the airport at that time of the morning.  It was barely five when I got back to the house. Their flight leaves at six thirty so they had plenty of time to get through security and to their gate.

I got back home and knowing that we were going to leave to go to brunch for an eight thirty reservation I decided that going back to bed would not make any sense.  So instead I went to my computer and spent some time getting caught up on homework, Spiceworks postings, SGL, etc.  I’ve been struggling to keep up for weeks and today begins my window to get caught up.  Having three hours of solitary work time was just what I needed.  I even managed to do some cleaning around the house too, although it isn’t bad at all after yesterday’s cleaning effort.

We went to brunch at Brookhaven Country Club and then returned to the house for a minute before the Grice family loaded up and headed south for Houston.

Wow, our house is empty – and, for the most part, clean too!  We are looking forward to our first stretch of empty home in a very long time.  We are worn out.  Very, very worn out.

Although we are traveling to Houston and California in two weeks so we don’t exactly have tons of rest coming our way.

I did a lot of homework and projects this afternoon.  Trying to get caught up.  And trying to keep the house in a good condition too.

I stayed on diet today.  I am getting back into full on diet mode as of today.  Last night was my last hurrah with a baked potato at Brookhaven.  Today was the lean omelet for breakfast and just Medifast meals the rest of the day.  Now another year of diet looms out in front of me.  This is going to be hard.

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