March 18, 2013: Back to the Diet

I must have been pretty tired as I slept in until eight.  I got up and got right to work.  It was a while before the girls woke up.  Liesl was up long before Luciana.  Dominica is at work today and left long before the sun came up.

Today is day two of being fully back on my diet.  So far so good.  But it takes a long time to get any real progress.  Last time took me more than a year to really get anywhere.  So this is barely scratching the surface.  Time to really make this happen.  I had a successful diet day yesterday as I knew that we were going to Brookhaven for brunch so I couldn’t fast yesterday.  Today I am fasting as a “kick off” to the diet.  Just a one day fast, it helps kick my body into ketosis.  Only skipping a single meal, in reality.  I’ll be eating again tomorrow afternoon.  Doing the fast helps break me of the “eating food as a habit” thing.

This afternoon, Liesl and Luciana took some snacks – shredded cheese for Luciana and Panda Express noodles for Liesl – out under the tree in the back yard and sat on the rubber mulch and had a picnic together.  It was very adorable.

Liesl asked if she could grow flowers this afternoon.  So I emailed Dominica at work to let her know of the request.  On her way home from work she stopped at Walmart and did some grocery shopping and got food supplies and found a Disney Princess Flower Garden kit for Liesl.  That is going to be perfect.  She’ll be able to grow flowers in her room now.  Very cute.

I had been planning on fasting today but after work Dominica decided to watch The Hobbit again (to get some value from the very expensive iTunes purchase of it on the AppleTV) so she made me a proper Medifast Lean and Green meal and I watched it with her (watching anything like that and not eating is pretty much impossible.)

Late this evening, after Luciana went to bed, Liesl and I set up at the kitchen table and we planted her three little cups of flowers together and put her greenhouse together and set it up on the bookshelf in her bedroom.  We should see something beginning to grow in about a week, according to the instructions.  Liesl is so excited that she was practically bouncing off of the walls.

Dominica is getting up early tomorrow to go running.  It has been nearly a year since she was last running.

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