March 19, 2013: Home for Catch Up

Luciana got us up at five this morning but we managed to change her and get her a new bottle and she fell back asleep – and slept until quite late, maybe even after nine.  A rare parenting win.

Dominica went back to sleep but I decided that it was late enough and that I had enough work to do that I just got up, showered and went into my home office to work for several hours.  That was important as it allowed me to do a ton of catching up on all sorts of things.  This week is my big time catch-up week.  I am so far behind, it is really stressing me out.   I am so anxious for this semester to be over.  The scheduling overhead of taking classes is devastating for me.  There is just so much to be done and no time in which to do it.  But this is it, home stretch.  I am twenty-five percent through my final semester with classes.  I can do it.

Work was so busy that I ended up just working from home.  That was good, I needed the down time.  Dominica took the day off and spent it reading “The Hobbit” from cover to cover.

I ended up working on homework and stuff until nearly two in the morning but I am getting significantly caught up.  Still a lot to go but I am in no way behind on my class stuff at this point and even maybe a little bit ahead.

The weather has been gorgeous.  We have all the windows open and the girls are spending half of their days outside.  They are old enough now that they just go outside together and play.  In the sandbox, under the tree, running around the yard.  They are so cute.

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