March 2, 2013: Ralstons Go House Shopping

We stayed up too late last night talking with Art and Danielle.  We haven’t seen them since October when they were down for SpiceWorld.  We actually see them two or three times a year, more than anyone else from back home including more than Andy and Miranda who live just three hours away.

We all slept in a tad bit this morning.  Art and Danielle not only have to deal with a general lack of sleep from the overnight drive but also have to deal with having stayed up late and the change in time zone.  It all ads up.

Once they were up and functional, which was later probably around nine thirty, they started to get ready and then drove out to Greenville and that general area for most of the day to look for villages and towns in which they are interested in potentially buying a home.  That is their real motive for making the sudden drive down to Texas, a chance to find a home and move away from cold, tax-burdened, no-work New York.

When they left I went around the corner to Subway and picked up breakfast for us.

This afternoon Dominica and I and the girls went down to Arlington for Casen’s first birthday party.  So awesome that we get to have this party today.  So much of this year was spent fearing that this wouldn’t get to happen.  Casen was doing great today.

This evening, after the Ralstons were back we all went to Brookhaven for dinner.  It’s just way easier than most anything else when people are visiting.

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