March 3, 2013: Sunday Brunch

We had a lazy morning today but got out to Brookhaven for the Sunday brunch at about eleven which wasn’t too bad considering how tired everyone has been.  Brunch was great.  Brookhaven brunches seem to be a reliable hit with everyone.  We have been doing them more and more often.  They make a lot of sense because they are very low cost and add to our use of the country club.  If we don’t do brunch it is nearly impossible for us to use our membership on Sundays but brunch makes it really easy.  The trick, which I have not mastered, is learning not to eat the breads.

Mostly a lazy day today.  Took some time to just do stuff around the house.  We did some technical training today, nothing major.

Liesl is loving her new laptop.  She “inherited” Danielle’s Acer-made Google Chromebook that Danielle has only had for a few months because Danielle ended up needing something more powerful that would run Windows.  So Danielle got an HP Envy Pro that arrived on Tuesday and she has been using since Wednesday or so.  So Liesl is now using the Chromebook which is absolutely perfect for her.  It is the right size and works perfectly for everything that she needs it to do.  I must say that using it is really nice.  The screen is great, the functionality is solid and everything is easy to use.  I am really impressed with how good it is.  And for $199 it’s really unbelievable.  Certainly not for everyone but for Liesl and a lot of people that I know, it is the perfect tool.  She is using it primarily for ABCMouse, one of her learning programs.

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