April 24, 2013: Late Night Working

A lot of work this week and very little going on at home.  I got up early this morning and did a little work.

Dominica’s back is feeling some better today.  She decided to stay home again today but feels that maybe she could have gone to work and is planning on going to work tomorrow.  She is considering that she might try to go in on Friday as well but has not yet decided.  She will see how tomorrow goes.  She doesn’t want to push her back unnecessarily.

Today was my third day in the office.  This evening we just stayed home.  Dominica went to bed early as she needs to work tomorrow.  Liesl and I stayed up late watching television together. Liesl lay on the couch with her head in my lap until nearly midnight.

I ended up staying up very late working tonight – working until four in the morning!  What a long night.  While I worked, though, I did manage to watch several episodes of Coronation Street on Hulu+.  It is pretty funny that I watch that show.

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