April 26, 2013: Fourteen Hour Friday

I was going to go into the office this morning but got up at seven thirty after only three and a half hours of sleep, made sure that everything was under control, showered and was about to leave for work when I had to jump into a major conference call and ended up spending the entire morning on a call for the office.    That was a long morning.  But it forced me to stay home which was a nice surprise.  I was not expecting to get to be home today but am very glad that I am.  Today is going to be a very long day for work and I have to do work for the office again at eight tomorrow morning so there is not a chance for me to sleep in tomorrow either.

The weather was pretty nice today and we opened the windows.  Dominica did a bunch of house cleaning.  There was a light drizzle outside too.

Very little news today.  Mostly I worked.  I started at eight in the morning and worked until about ten in the evening.  I have a team in India now that routinely starts Friday night deployments very late and has all kinds of problems with them.  This is our third or fourth failed deployment night in a row.  Each one going until nine or ten at night, then people giving up and falling back in the morning.  What a mess and how annoying that I now have to plan on Friday nights going all night, every single time.

I bad a liquor store run tonight as our house is horribly out of everything.  I discovered that our local liquor store that I had liked so much went out of business.  Apparently I hadn’t been going there enough recently.  So now it takes a minimum of twenty minutes of highway speed driving to get to the nearest liquor store.  Texas is ridiculous with stuff like this.  It’s like they design the laws to be as environmentally unfriendly as they can possibly imagine.  Ten miles to get to the “neighbourhood liquor store?”  Seriously?  I don’t live in the county, I live right in the city.  In most of the world all the normal things are walking distance away from everyone.  It is so unthinkable that you can’t buy anything without ten miles even in the fourth largest city in America that makes it impossible for people from the outside to understand why Americans behave the way that we do.  Of course we drive everywhere and have zero sense of local community, how can we?

Luciana was in bed before I was done working and Liesl stayed up for a little bit and watched a couple of shows with us.  We did not make a late night of it, though.

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