April 27, 2013: Luciana Moves to a Big Girl Bed

Check Out the new Kidding Around Europe!  I got the site moved from Rackspace to our own hosting in Toronto, added a new site theme that is way easier to use than our old one and we posted are very first podcast on the site.  So I am excited to see what all happens now that we finally have something for people to really go see.

A quiet Saturday at home getting caught up on work.  I was in my office for most of the day.  We were craving subs today so ordered in from Joe’s again.  We’ve been watching a little bit of Rick Steve’s Best of Europe Season 7 which just released recently on Hulu Plus.  We are nearly done with it at this point.  Only about two episodes left.  We aren’t as exited about it as we were before our last trip and we have pretty much not watched any of it in the last year since having done our big Euro tour.  It’s funny to think that our regularly watching of it was a full year ago, it feels so recent.  We definitely burned ourselves out on the first six seasons getting ready for that trip having watched every episode multiple times and watching lots of other travel shows too.  That was a major part of our lifestyle for about nine months.  But for the last eleven months we’ve not watched a thing.  The seventh season isn’t so exciting for us as it heavily covers just a few places and they are places that we are not particularly excited about – Rome, Paris, Florence and London.  We’ve done Florence and London and while we want to do Paris and Rome, obviously, they are not super exciting destinations nor are they unique for a show – we’ve seen too many shows on both.

Today’s project is breaking down Luciana’s crib and preparing her “big girl bed.”  Luciana sleeps in the crib that we bought before Liesl was born and it is convertible from a crib to a small bed to a large bed.  So today we converted it from the crib to the small bed.  Luciana thought that that was pretty cool and seems happy about her change of sleeping arrangements.  We are excited that she will be able to start getting herself up in the mornings like Liesl started doing around that age and this will make traveling a lot better because she will not require a pack and play wherever we go.  That was a major ordeal on our last European trip and is on every out of town trip that we take now.

Dominica went to the salon this afternoon and then did some grocery shopping.  We’ve been running pretty lean in the house and needed a lot of things.

I did a lot of work today. Luciana went to bed a little later than usual but not too bad.  Fingers crossed that she can actually sleep in the new bed.  Liesl stayed up way too late but she is good about sleeping in in the morning so we figure that she will be fine tomorrow.

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