April 29, 2013: Liesl Can Reach the Light Switch

The second podcast from Kidding Around Europe is finally up.  This one covers our arrival in the UK a full year ago.

It is Monday morning and I am home with the girls.  Dominica is at work today.  Liesl is very excited that she is now tall enough to be able to reach the light switch in our bedroom.  She can’t reach the fan switch yet, but she can turn the main light on and off.  It is a whole new era of Liesl self sufficiency.

Ciana spent a bit of time playing in the shower today.  She loves taking showers.  She sits near the faucet and played with buckets and a water can and rubber duckies that Liesl has collected over the years.

We had our kitchen sink clog on us completely this evening.  So when it wouldn’t clear I had to make a Walmart run for drain cleaning chemicals as we had none.  Gave it an attempt but it didn’t get the drain cleared tonight.  Will need to see if the garbage disposal can force the water through tomorrow.

This evening Dominica and I managed to record the next two podcasts for KAE.  One that I linked above and another that I hope to have up in the next three days on our time in Nottingham.

Got to bed not too late tonight.  Need to catch up on my sleep.  Was tired all day.

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