April 30, 2013: Spiderman in Rochester

I can’t believe that April is already come and gone.  Another year flying by.  I only really notice time passing when I get behind on SGL.

My morning was quite busy and I did not manage to get into the office until after lunch.  This morning Dominica took Luciana to her checkup with the doctor.  She is maintaining something like the 87% percentile in height (can you believe that?!?) and like the 35% percentile in weight.  Overall she is very healthy and she got an immunization today.  Both girls got “Groovy” temporary tattoos from the doctors office.

Dad sent me a link and I saw some people talking on Facebook about the new Spiderman film that is filming in Rochester currently.  They are pretending that Rochester is New York City and are shooting NYPD chase scenes there.  I saw a picture of a Daily Bugle newspaper truck parked on the street there.

Worked at the office this afternoon.  Got stuck just a little late before heading home but not bad.  Got home and hung out with Dominica and the girls for a while.  Dominica made salads for dinner and we ate while watching Rules of Engagement which isn’t too bad.  We have not seen it before.

Spent a lot of time playing with the girls tonight and then they decided to go hide in our bedroom and watch shows together before going to bed.

The girls came into my office for a while and danced for about an hour tonight.  They love it when I turn on my computer’s speakers and stream music from our Amazon account.

Luciana continues to love her new bed.  She gets up in the morning and Liesl goes and gets her now.  Luciana can get in and out of bed without any problem but can’t open her bedroom door from the inside because Dominica put a protector on the handle.  So she calls and Liesl goes to get her up.  Very cool that Liesl helps out with that.

Did some work but not too much and was off to bed at a pretty decent time.  Played a little Tales from Monkey Island: Chapter 1 before falling asleep.  Dominica discovered some weird strategy game on her iPhone called Plants versus Zombies or something to that effect and was playing that all evening.  We have a Steam account loaded with amazing games and this is what she plays sitting at her desk!

I am in the office tomorrow and after work I am heading to Southlake to hang out with Alt-N.

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