May 1, 2013: Alt-N Party

Was at the office today.  Normal day, nothing special.  Dominica was home with the girls.  I saw them before I left to go into the office but wouldn’t get to see them the rest of the day.

I ran out to Subway with Dan and Doue to grab quick food before the Federal Open Market support call at one.  We had wanted to really go out for lunch today but couldn’t work it around the FOMC call.

I got out of the office a little early and drove up past the airport up to Southlake where I have never been previously.  It’s amazing how much of the DFW I have still never seen.  I went out there to go to the Alt-N party going on at “The Castle” on White Chapel.  I was quite impressed to find that it actually did look like a castle.  Twenty five thousand square feet!  It was a very cool party.  We had dinner and drinks.  There were probably fifty to seventy people there.  Fully catered and bartended.  I had dinner with a group from Italy, Holland, Spain and Germany.

Later on in the evening Kim and Armando made it out and hung out for a while.

The party was a good time, I’m really glad that I went.  Met a lot of great people.

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