May 2, 2013: Shaking the House

Tons of pounding at the house next door.  No idea what is going on but our house is just shaking and shaking.  I am really concerned about our foundation with the amount of work going on.  I ran outside to try to figure out what was going on.  From the looks of it, I am pretty sure that the next door neighbours are having their inground pool removed.  They have a swimming pool that takes up their entire back yard.  We know the size of our yard and that any pool would consume the entire thing and from Google satellite view we can see that that appears to be the case next door.  I guess that they are tired with it so the huge jack hammer machines are pounding the slab apart I guess.

I was on a call this morning at eight talking about a storage training class project.  The pounding next door was so violent that my monitors were shaking and flickering and it was hard to talk on the call.

After my call was done I was in to the office.

After work we went to Brookhaven for dinner.  And a quiet night at home.

Just a little time left for my classes at RIT.  Classes end officially in nine days and my stuff wraps up in seventeen.  The home stretch for classes now.  I can’t wait for this to be done.

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