May 23, 2013: Back Into the Office

Dominica had to go to work today and the girls are headed to daycare.  So Dominica was up and out the door early.  I slept in a little, got the girls ready, dealt with a bunch of crap for the office from home and then ran them up to Corinth for daycare getting there just after eleven.  I worked from there on the phone for another half an hour or so.  What a stressful morning.

Dan needed to carpool in today because he had left his truck at the office yesterday and so needed a ride.  So he and I left Corinth around a quarter till noon.  I was supposed to be meeting Watson at Redneck at that time so Dan and I drove straight there and met him.  We did lunch and then Dan and I headed into the office from there.

I had a stressful afternoon at the office too.  It has not been a good day.

Came home and we just spent the evening at home hanging out.  Liesl and I played more of her game and it turns out that there was probably only thirty minutes of it left so we finished it and installed the prequel: The Book of Unwritten Tales – The Critter Chronicles and started playing that.  We only got, at most, one hour in on it today.  We won’t be able to play again until Sunday as we are traveling tomorrow and Saturday up to Kansas but we will play more over the weekend.  So far it looks and feels just like a continuation of the original.  Liesl is still loving it.

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