May 28, 2013: Long Night of Career Planning

I am back in the office today.  Dominica had to work today instead of yesterday because of the holiday so I had to take the girls to daycare this morning.

Worked a long day today.  After work I went to Brookhaven and met the family there.  Turns out that the girls were really, really tired, though, and it probably wasn’t the best idea.  They were pretty unhappy during dinner and it was rather stressful.  So maybe not the best idea.  Dinner was good, but we had been hoping to check out the extensive fish specialist menu this week but it turned out that that had been published in error – even the servers were surprised as the were handing out menus and then had to take them back.  But we are excited for when it comes out next week now.

Luciana was straight to bed when we got home.  Then Liesl and I played the end of The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles which she was really happy to finish.  After this she has now played forty hours of adventure games in the last week or two.

Dominica went to bed and I went out to Redneck to hang out with a friend who is considering a career switch into IT.  He and I ended up talking about his career plans until four thirty in the morning.

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