May 29, 2013: Ankh 2

In the office today.  Had a busy morning working from the house so didn’t get physically into the office until lunch time so just worked through lunch and got out at a good time and came home.

Dominica was home with the girls today.

Got coffee with Doue today.  We went to Starbucks for a change.  It was gorgeous out today, not so warm and heavily overcast with just the slightest rain.  So we sat outside and ended up sitting next to someone from the FAA, Ralph, who regaled us with stories at the coffee shop.

This evening we watched just a tiny bit of Arrested Development and then once Luciana went to bed Liesl and I tried out a new game, since we had finished the last one last night, and started playing Ankh 2 via Steam.  It is a similar point and click adventure game, a lot like the last two that we have played, but with a slightly different interface so she is getting a chance to try learning a new interface so she doesn’t get stuck thinking that things always behave the same.  She picked up the new game almost instantly and is doing really well with it.

Liesl is liking this new game, she can really navigate on her own and I am really letting her drive this time.  She is mostly sitting at the computer on her own from the beginning and I am sitting in the rocking chair.

Dominica and I actually got some time to hang out tonight too.

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