June 21, 2013: Redneck Day

Today is Friday and it is the biggest party of the year over at Redneck Heaven.  So we have plans to hang out there today if the opportunity allows although the party is so big that it is actually pretty hard to get in.  To accommodate the volume of people they are opening at nine thirty this morning instead of eleven.

I got into work and had a pretty normal morning.  Nothing special.

There was a lot going on with other teams at the office today so no one was able to go to lunch but me.  That kind of sucked.  But I wasn’t going to miss the party and figured that people might be able to meet me if I was there in line so I decided to go it alone.

It was extremely hot and no shade today.  Not ideal for long lines.  I got to Redneck and the parking filled every parking lot in the entire area, all the grassy areas, all of the road all the way to Vista Ridge.  It was insane.  I got lucky and actually found a spot not too far away.

I walked up and there must have been two hundred people in the parking lots.  They had sent up tents, an outside bar, and picnic tables all over the parking lot.  The wait to get in was four hours!  And no one could go inside, not even to use the restroom, because they were at legal capacity.  Someone had to come out for anyone to go in.

Luckily I had texted ahead so my waitress knew to look for me.  She came outside and delivered me real beer instead of the crappy bottled stuff available outside.  I think the whole place was pretty jealous that I was getting outside service.  So I got to enjoy a big, frosty Shocktop Raspberry while everyone else was stuck with a bottle of Coors Light.

I was outside for about three hours before they managed to get me inside.  Jose and one of his coworkers came out to try to get in with me as I had two hours in line already at that point but they had to get back to work before we were able to make it inside.  It was a long time but I did manage to bypass a ton of people too.  I had lunch and had to get moving pretty quickly at that point.

Got home from work and it turned out that our evening plans fell through so Dominica decided that she could actually make it out tonight and had someone to drive her so Jose picked her up and they went up to Redneck for the party.  They got there and the line was up to five hours long!  They put their names on the insane list, ordered drinks and got ready to spend the evening in the parking lot.  But I texted in to my waitress, told her that Dominica was there and in minutes she was outside, found them and managed to get them into the party!  It’s good to be regulars.  So rather than most of an evening in a hot parking lot they got seven hours inside with a great table.

I spent the evening working and taking care of the girls.  They weren’t up for very long after I got home.  It was a quiet evening for me.  Before I went to bed Justin and his brother Zach who are driving out tonight to get Nitro decided that instead of waiting for morning that they would just drive out through the night and get in tomorrow in the early afternoon.

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