June 22, 2013: Justin Arrives for Nitro

Today, we knew, was going to be pretty much a wasted day without any real way to be productive so, having been pretty tired, we decided to blow the day off and do nothing.  We slept in this morning, which was pretty necessary considering how tired Dominica was after partying all night.

We did some light cleaning but mostly just relaxed this morning.  Justin and his brother Zach were driving through the night and expected to arrive by early afternoon.

Justin pulled in just before one thirty.  He and Zach came in and had their reunion with Nitro who was very happy to see them.  No sooner had they arrived than Justin said that he needed to get his truck washed after it was caked with all of the bugs that they hit during the night driving down the Interstate 20 corridor.

Just twenty minutes before they had arrived Stefany had posted on Facebook that she and Rachel and Morgan were doing a charity carwash up in Little Elm and that people should stop by today.  Then Rachel texted me to get a car wash.  So when Justin said he needed one we knew exactly where to go.

I have never actually been to Little Elm before, even though it is so close to us, and I had no idea that there was actually a peninsula that goes out into Lake Lewisville a bit like an island.  I guess that I need to study the map a little bit more.  The peninsula area is actually a really nice spot.  I wouldn’t mind living up there at all and it can’t be more than a few minutes different to work and way closer to where Liesl and Luciana go for daycare.

The carwash was held at a liquor store raising money for Little Elm Elementary.   We got the truck in line for the girls to wash it and went inside and took the opportunity to do my weekly liquor restocking.  They had a good selection there and I was able to stock back up really effectively without needing to make a special trip anywhere which is good as it is such a pain to get to any liquor store from where we live or from where I work.

We got the truck washed and Stefan was there hanging out.  I haven’t seen him in months, so we got to hang out a little bit.  The girls had gotten quite a line of cars waiting for them by then.  They were supposed to be doing the car wash from one to four today but ended up not quitting until eight and Rachel got the worst sunburn of her life and ended up being sick for days.

From the car wash we drove down to Lewisville where I took our out of town guests to Redneck Heaven.  They loved it and we ended up hanging out there all evening until they were ready to call it a night, which was pretty early – before seven.

We got back to the house and Zach was out in minutes.  We got him set up in the guest bedroom (Luciana’s room) which was cleared out this morning for the first time in months.  Justin and I stayed up for a bit and did some drinking (we have all this new stuff to test out like my makings for ginger martinis!) and Dominica went out shopping once the girls were asleep.  It was an early night for everyone, though.

Luciana slept in Liesl’s room tonight and that went really well.  We can’t believe that it actually worked.  They both enjoyed it and both got sleep too!

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