June 23, 2013: End of a Redneck Weekend

Slept in this morning.  While I was asleep Justin ran out and picked up two boxes of donuts for everyone because yesterday I had mentioned how good Texas donuts are.  So he wanted to experience our fine cuisine.  He did a great job of selecting what is good here… glazed old fashioneds, apple fritters and maple toppeds.

Once Zach awoke, which was not until he had had about thirteen hours of sleep, they asked if they could go back to Redneck Heaven this morning as they had had such a good time there yesterday.  Since they open before lunch there would be time to go there before they needed to get on the road back to Georgia so that worked out.  Zach called a friend of his who lives about forty-five minutes away that he has never met in person to come join us for lunch so we made good use of the time.

We got into Redneck around 11:30 which is the earliest that I have ever been there.  Sunday morning is definitely not a hopping time although we were far from the only people there.  It is amazing how many people are there any time day or night.

We hung out for a while and then headed back to the house so that Justin and Zach could load up Nitro and get on the road for their twelve hour drive back to Carrollton, Georgia.

We spent the afternoon at the house.  Got some work done.  Hung out some.

Around eleven Chris texted me that he wanted to hang out at Redneck.  Could there be a more “Redneck” weekend?  But I never get a chance to catch up with him these days so I headed out and met him there and we hung out till they shut the place down at two.  For those keeping track… that was eight visits for me to Redneck in a seven day period.  Plus Dominica went once without me.  Plus I saw some of the folks from Redneck out at the D&D game and at the carwash!

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