June 4, 2013: Happy Birthday Dad

Extremely exhausted this morning when I got up at seven thirty, just five hours after having gone to bed, and getting straight back to work dealing with the server outage from yesterday.  Today is going to be a very long day.

I was so busy and so tired that I worked from home until after lunch.  The girls were happy to have me home again.  This turned into something like a four day weekend for them having me home for so long.

The office was like empty today which is why the boss wanted me to take the time to come in even though I had been working so many hours.  We were the only people from the team in the office.

After work I ran home, worked for another hour then we all ran down to Brookhaven for kid’s night.  The girls did pretty well there today although the picky food years have definitely started to hit us.

After dinner we came home and Liesl and I got to play her video game, Ankh 2, for a bit.  We completed Chapter 3 and got started on Chapter 4.  I can’t believe that it has been two weeks and she is still begging every day to play the game more.

Luciana is back to afternoon naps and putting herself to bed early.  I’m thinking that we’ve got a growth spurt being saved up for here.

Finally got to bed around midnight.  Still working on that server issue.  What a week this is going to be.  Have to be up really early tomorrow morning so very little sleep to be had tonight.

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