July 2, 2013: Liesl Starts Doing Chores

Today is the last normal work day of the week.  It is an odd week with the celebration of July 4th actually being held on the Fourth itself even though that is a Thursday.  So tomorrow is going to be a short day, Thursday is a holiday and then Friday starts early with non-farm payroll at seven in the morning but nearly everyone will be out of the office so it will be, as far as I know, just me covering it, at least covering it physically from the office.  That’s going to be odd and the office is guaranteed to be effectively empty all day.  Today is also Dominica’s only day at home as she is going to go into the office tomorrow instead of Thursday and Morgan is going to come and stay at the house with the girls tomorrow which we are not telling Liesl about until tonight because she will be so excited that she won’t be able to stand it all day otherwise.

I got into the office this morning.  I left before anyone else was even out of bed.  I worked all morning, nothing special, and skipped lunch today.  I ran down to South Irving to see if I could find my friend selling computers as we have been looking for him for weeks and Dominica’s office is getting into a little bit of a panic about not having them.  So I drove down there just hoping that I could catch him and low and behold, I did!  What a stroke of luck.  So I was able to sit down with him and order some computers.  Dominica was really thrilled that I managed to track him down for her.

Came home a little later than usual today.  Had a bit of work to do at home this evening so mostly was in my office working for a while.  While I worked Liesl came into my office and sat at her desk behind me, fired up her laptop, went into Netflix, found Le Ballon Rouge and watched it again, on her own!

Tomorrow Morgan is coming to watch the girls so we told Liesl that she had to help clean the house so that Morgan could come.  Liesl easily put in a dedicated hour and a half cleaning like crazy to make the house look nice.  She did an amazing job.  She really is a great helper and really knows how to clean!  I can’t believe how big she is getting.  She really did serious cleaning.  This was the first time that she really did a major chore and even when we told her that she had done enough she kept right on working.  I was so proud of her tonight!


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