July 12, 2013: Very Early Night

Nothing particularly special about today.  Normal work day.  Worked a bit late but came home to work from there so that I could see the family while getting stuck late.

Dominica decided to go out tonight.  That works well for Friday nights because I have to work late and am worn out many times and really don’t feel like doing anything.  So I spent the evening watching the girls was work was done.  Ciana went to bed and then Liesl and I played some more of Ankh 3 making it through another chapter before we both went to bed around ten.  A very early evening for both of us, especially me.  But I need to do some sleep catch up and this was a perfect opportunity.

I’m looking forward to being finished with Ankh 3.  We have some really awesome games that I am looking forward to getting to play in the near future.  Now that we have Steam I have been collecting awesome games and want to be able to play them.

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