July 13, 2013: Breakfast at Pete’s

We felt like a real breakfast this morning.  So we got up and all went out to Pete’s Cafe down on Beltline in Farmer’s Branch.  We love the breakfast there.  Everyone is really friendly and the food is great.  Dominica and I are addicted to the migas there.  We had a delicious breakfast and then, just home for the rest of the day.

So SGL has now climbed, probably based on the faster responses and cleaner site now that we are self hosting rather than on Rackspace and using CloudFlare more effectively, to three quarters of a million page views per month.  When you combine that with the other sites that I work on like SMB IT Journal, Scott Alan Miller on Linux and Scott Alan Miller on Windows I’m over eight hundred thousands page views every month.  I’m sure the views on my articles on some commercial sites are far higher.  Those are crazy numbers, I can’t believe that so many people ready me every day.  My sites get hit every three seconds.

What I’ve noticed recently is that my webserver was going down on a regular basis from load.  I thought that something was wrong but now realize that it actually was being overwhelmed with traffic.  The server was scaled for very light usage.  I had no idea how many people were using my sites!

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