July 14, 2013: Ciana’s Long Nap

It’s Sunday and Liesl asked specifically if we could go to the “restaurant with the high tables”, by which she meant Genghis Grill where they have really high tables.  The girls really like the mac and cheese that they have there.

So after a lazy morning we headed down to Addison for lunch and got food at the Genghis Grill which is Dominica’s new favourite place to go.  The food is really healthy there.  And we can get a decent variety of food made how we like it and it is pretty cheap.

After lunch the girls were being good and Dominica was hankering for ice cream so we swung by Braum’s which is practically on the way home from Addison.  Their ice cream is so good!

We got home and Luciana decided that she was tired and put herself to bed around three.  We thought that she was just going to go down for a short nap like she often does but no, she was actually putting herself to bed.  She ended up happily sleeping for the next eighteen hours!  That was pretty surprising.

We hung out this afternoon and tried out a new show (to us), The New Girl.  It is pretty good, we are liking it.  Cute sitcom.

I didn’t get a lot of free time this evening.  I did a little work and around six thirty I went into Dominica’s office and operated as “remote hands” for over two hours working on a series of routers, firewalls and switches doing cable tracing, patching consoles, etc.   It was a long evening but really productive and we manage to fix a lot of stuff.  Well worth the effort.

I went straight from her office to Redneck as they are close to each other and that way I would not need to drive all of the way back home before going out which would more than double my drive time.  Chris had texted me to go out tonight or I would have no bothered.  Dominica was tired and planning on going to bed early anyway, though.  So Chris and I hung out at Redneck for a little while, but not really all that long.

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