July 15, 2013: New Monday Schedule

Back to work, it is Monday.    It is cold out today.  It cooled down yesterday and today it is actually colder than it is in New York.  Quite chilly for a Texas summer day.  Dominica was off to work early and the girls got up and got themselves ready so that they could play with Morgan as soon as she arrived.  Morgan is now slated to be taking care of the girls every Monday which makes Dominica and my lives so much easier.  My mornings were horrific trying to deal with getting the girls ready and driving them for an hour to daycare.  Talk about exhausting and stressful.  The drive is an hour and it takes at least an hour to get them ready.  So this saves me two hours on any day that Morgan is here and saves Dominica nearly an hour at the end of the day as well.

I ran home at lunch and went to Kroger to pick up soymilk for Ciana because we had run out.  I had meant to get some last night but had forgotten and knew that if I didn’t get any before Dominica got home that I would be in trouble so figured the trip home at lunch made sense.  I hung out with Morgan for a bit and talked about work.  Got to hang out with the girls.  They love having Morgan over.  She really wears them out.

Quiet evening.  We just spent the evening at home relaxing.

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