July 25, 2013: My No Sleep Day

The drive this morning was awful.  I was struggling all night to stay awake.  The weather was good but I was just so exhausted.  It was all that I could do to keep moving.  I was getting out of the car at nearly every rest stop just to walk around.  It was such a hard drive that I was in physical pain trying to make it.  I would have stopped at a hotel but if I didn’t make it home Dominica would have to call into work or something.

So I pressed on.  Dominica had to go in late, but only a tiny bit.  She was sitting on the couch when I dragged myself in the front door.  I was feeling awful.  I went straight to bed, it was about seven thirty when I fell asleep, and she went straight off to work.

I only managed to get one hour of sleep before the girls were awake and climbing all over me.  I was so tired that I could not safely drive them to daycare so I called Dominica and she came home, got them and took them up to Corinth.  It is too bad that Morgan wasn’t watching them today or we could have just asked her to come early and we wouldn’t have had to have run around so much.

So just one hour of sleep and I have to make it all day.  This is going to be hard.

Got into the office.  I really don’t remember much of the day.  I was practically delirious all day.  And really soar from the drive.

After work I went home and helped Dominica get the house ready for the Dungeons & Dragons game tonight.  Not the best timing but we didn’t want to cancel either since we have to cancel, or do something creative, next week anyway since Dominica is going to be out of town all week.  I considered taking a nap this evening before everyone arrived but there really wasn’t time.  I decided to take a shower instead and rather than being a bit late, everyone arrived early tonight and so I wasn’t even quite into the shower yet.

The session tonight was pretty good although I was struggling hard to stay awake and did doze off once or twice towards the end.

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