July 4, 2013: D&D Day

Today is our all day Dungeons and Dragons game.  Nothing but D&D all day.  It was around nine when I got up.  It was Luciana who got me up.  I knew that once she was up there was nothing that we were going to be able to do since she would run out into the living room and wake everyone else up to.  So I had to get up and wrangle her into our room.  I think Dominica actually got her up, but I got up with her.  It’s all a bit fuzzy, very little sleep this week.

Kyler and Morgan were already up.  Morgan and I ran to Jack in the Box and picked up breakfast for everyone.  Then back to the house to get the game started up.

It took a little while to get things moving this morning but by late morning we were playing the game again.

We gamed until around seven thirty.  Then Jose and Morgan had to run some errands and were gone until midnight.  The rest of us ended up playing without them.  Those of us left got Subway for dinner to eat while we played.

We played until about two in the morning.  Boy were we tired but it was a lot of fun.  As Rachel said, this was the best Fourth of July ever.

I stayed up talking with Dominica and Kyler about the game until three or later.  They stayed up until four!  Kyler crashed at our house again.  Everyone else headed home between two and two thirty.

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