August 10, 2013: Toilet Repairs

Got paged out this morning.  Nothing major.

More to do today.  I spent a bit of the day making trips out to Lowe and Home Depot in an attempt to get parts so that we can fix the toilet in the master bath which has now been broken for a week.  Dominica completely replaced everything the other night but the seal failed and we need to figure something else out.

So my first journey was to Home Depot where I discovered that they did not have the part that I needed.  Weird.  I hit Albertson’s in Josey Ranch for bread and orange juice and then went on to Lowe’s to see if they had what we needed.  They did not.  So I decided that I would go home and try rigging something up.  I had a guess at what might work but wasn’t sure.

Came home and attempted to work on the toilet but broke the pipe.  Argh.  So another trip back to Lowe’s to get a replacement pipe.  Lot’s of driving today.  This time I picked up Panda Express to bring back home since I was out getting stuff in that plaza anyway.  We are really hoping to have this toilet fixed today because Danielle is coming in the morning and staying with us so it will be pretty convenient to have two toilets working in the house again.  As it is it is a little tough with just Dominica, Liesl and I needing to share.  I’m not particularly looking forward to Luciana needing bathroom time too.  That is not too far off.

Morgan and Jose came over this evening and watched the girls so that Dominica and I could have a date night.  That was around eight thirty.  We went out to a club and had a good evening.  It is really rare that we get to really go out for an evening without the kids.


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