August 9, 2013: More Good News

Friday.  It doesn’t really feel like a Friday.  I kept thinking that it was a Tuesday all day today.  No idea why.

Luciana got me up at six this morning.  That was no fun.  Around six thirty I heard something in our bathroom and went into to discover that the hose feeding the toilet had sprung a leak (the gasket wasn’t holding up) and there was a bit of water to clean up.  Argh.  So I cleaned that up and shut the water off.  More repair work needed there, apparently (said in a Susan from Coupling voice.)

Off to work.  Very busy day today.  Barely had time to do anything at all.  You can’t tell that we are under a partial freeze at all.  I worked all day, very solid.  Had a call at the tail end of lunch.  That went well.  More travel happening most likely.  Ver good news happening, I hope.

After work I went to Brookhaven and picked up dinner, again, as they still have the halibut that Dominica is now completely addicted to.  Came home and we watched some shows and called it an early evening.

After Luciana went to bed Liesl and I watched the first half of The Music Man which I have on BluRay.  I love that movie.  One of my favourites.  Liesl sat through the first half but was not particularly thrilled.  She might be too young yet for that.

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