August 1, 2013: Ice Cream Walk

This summer is just flying by.  I cannot believe that it is already August.  Dominica and I talked yesterday and we have decided that since the family is not going to go to Walt Disney World in 2014 as was originally planned and because we don’t know what we are doing next year and because Liesl was promised a trip to WDW soon that we are taking my furlough time in the autumn and instead of going to Europe as we had hoped we are going to save some money and spend the time in WDW instead.  So we are planning on heading there on November 1st.  It will be a good, long Disney vacation for just us.  Luciana has never been there and I think will be old enough to really enjoy it, even if she won’t remember it, and Liesl will certainly love it and remember it.  Liesl has not been there since her first birthday so it really is time to take her back.

I woke up early but managed to stay in bed till seven.

Long day at the office.  Went to Rockfish with Dan and Doue today after covering the FOMC call that happens during the normal lunch hour.  Rockfish has several new Texas-themed fish dishes that all look awesome.   From a BBQ salmon appetizer to Rebecca Creek Bourbon glazed Salmon, seafood Frito pie and all kinds of stuff.  Even chicken-fried tuna.  So we all tried stuff off of the new menu.  It was very good.  I’m going to be going back there again really soon.  Don’t want to miss out on the new menu items.

I managed to leave work a little on the early side, beating much of the bad traffic, because tomorrow morning is my really early day.  Our D&D game was cancelled tonight after much discussion.  Dominica is out of town and Rachel needs to travel as well.  So Kyler and I planned to just do some work on the game instead.

I came home, showered and Kyler came over around six thirty.  We worked on D&D for a little bit and then decided that we both wanted ice cream, so we walked, in the intense humidity, to Braum’s in Josey Ranch which is, roughly, 2.2 miles in each direction.  So a decent little walk to get ice cream.  The walk was easy but the heat was pretty extreme.  It was 103 today and the humidity was quite high.  So we were sweating heavily even though it was an easy walk.  I was drenched by the time that we got to Braum’s.  The ice cream sure was good, though, after all of that walking.  But it melted really quickly too on the walk back.  You had to eat fast as it was just dripping instantly in the heat.

I introduced Kyler to Are You Being Served? and Thumbwars and went to bed around twelve thirty.  Tomorrow is non-farm payroll so I have to be up at six.

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