August 27, 2013: Star Trek Into Darkness

Went into the office as normal this morning.  Spent a good deal of the morning dealing with paperwork.  Both health insurance paperwork to make sure that we are not on the awful, expensive insurance anymore but on Dominica’s now which is saving us a ton every month and all of the background check information for the new position in Connecticut.  That was a crazy amount of paperwork to have to get in.  I’ve never had to have done so much.  So that took all morning.  I finally got it sent in later in the day.

Worked through lunch today.  It was a moderately busy day.  Dan and I never managed to go to lunch so at three thirty we ran out to Subway where he ate and I just had an unsweetened ice tea.  Just a quick bite then back to the office to do the evening deployments.

This evening we decided to buy the new Star Trek movie on the AppleTV.  Dominica really wanted to see it.  So we put Ciana to bed early and Liesl snuggled on the couch and watched it with us.  It was pretty good, we are continuing to really like the “Star Trek universe reboot” that they started with the last movie.  So much better than what so many other series have done.  This particular movie Star Trek: Into Darkness was particularly challenging, I am sure, as they had to compete with the original universe’s strongest film The Wrath of Khan which is widely heralded as a classic and the best of the entire series.  We think that they did a really good job and getting Benedict Cumberbatch to play Khan was an amazing choice.  We love him from Sherlock.

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