August 28, 2013: Ciana and the Rocking Chair

Normal day, up and into the office.  The first of my references are getting called today.  So the process is moving forward.  So far so good.  We cannot wait for this process to be over so that everything can be official, and we can have a start date and start making solid plans.  Because we lived in New Jersey for a little while they said that the process will probably take an extra week because New Jersey just punishes anyone who was ever foolish enough to live in that state by holding background checks an extra week.  So if all goes well the hope is that we will have final confirmation late next week.

Dan and I went to Redneck for lunch today.  I was good and just got a salad.  It’s always difficult to eat in Texas in a healthy way.

Tonight we had a major disaster, Liesl ran into the office and jumped into the old recliner (the one that we got before Liesl was born anticipating that we would use it to rock her to sleep, which we did, it spent its first year living in her nursery in the house in Peekskill)  and it rocked back picking its feet up off of the floor.  Luciana ran up to it and the chair came down on her little toe on her right foot.  She started crying but we could not figure out what was wrong.  I had been at my desk and did not see anything happen. So I had no idea what was going on.  I looked and made sure that Ciana wasn’t caught in the mechanism and that Liesl wasn’t messing with her. She kept crying and I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  So I turned around and picked her up, having no idea that her toe was under the chair.

As you can imagine, this hurt quite a bit more than the chair being on Ciana’s toe.  She got her toe crushed and scraped really badly.  For about an hour we were really scared that her toe was broken but fortunately it was just horribly bruised and scraped.  Liesl was so upset though.  She cried for hours, terrified that she had really hurt her sister.  She felt horrible even though it really was not her fault.

We have been intending to get rid of that rocking chair for a long time now.  This is definitely the final straw, we don’t need to keep that around anymore.  It is time for it to go.  So we are going to set it out on the curb and hope that someone takes it soon.  We haven’t really used it in years and it just takes up space.  We always worry that the kids will get hurt in it.  Some of the bolts have been falling out of it and it locks up while you are rocking.  We don’t have room for it anyway.  It’s sad to see it go because it was how we rocked Liesl to sleep as a baby in Peekskill, but we have not used it for years and it just isn’t needed anymore.  Someone will really enjoy it as it is a perfectly nice rocking chair.

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