August 3, 2013: The Family Returns

I got up this morning and did some cleaning but mostly played Knights of the Old Republic as this was my last stretch of time at home alone so wanted to get in what I could.  I wanted to do more around the house but my sciatica is quite bad again this morning and any movement really hurts.

Much to my dismay, I discovered that the master bathroom toilet was running continuously today (explaining a sound I’d been hearing for a few days) so I did some research and tried to take it apart.  It turns out that the Korky valve in it is broken and I need to at least replace the cap.  That will be a trip to Lowe’s.  Hopefully nothing more serious than that.  I really do not want to replace all of the guts of the toilet too.

Dominica and the girls arrived home around two in the afternoon having left pretty early in the morning from Lake Livingston.  Their trip went pretty well. Not a big traveling day so the roads were pretty clear. They did make a rest stop that took forever, though.  Doing a rest stop with just one adult and two little girls is not a fast affair even at the best of times.


They got home and we unloaded the car and the rest of the day was spent catching up.  Boy have I missed my girls.  We were all very excited to see each other.  The little ones just couldn’t get to all of the things that they wanted to tell me about.  So much to fill me in on.

Dominica wanted Rockfish for dinner and was going to send me out to get it and I decided to see if Liesl wanted to come with me but once Ciana heard she started putting on shoes so Dominica decided that we would all go together since both girls were so keen to go.  So a family trip down to Rockfish in Irving for an early dinner.  It was an empty restaurant as we got there around four on a Saturday afternoon.  Dominica was very excited about their new Texas-themed menu items.  We tried their cold smoked salmon appetizer which was amazing and then we split two of their entrees, the chicken fried tuna and the seafood Frito pie.  The chicken fried tuna was especially good.  We also tried their fried Smore’s tacos or whatever they were.

We came home and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.  Off to bed early, everyone needs their sleep.  The girls were especially really tired.

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