September 10, 2013: Caught Up

Got horrible sleep last night due to my sinus infection.  I tried going to bed early because I was tired but couldn’t get to sleep because of the congestion.  I gave it an hour or two or tossing and turning and finally gave up and took a long, hot shower.  That helped a lot and I was able to get to sleep after that.  Not great sleep, but not horrible.  I felt okay this morning when I got up.  I stayed in bed kind of late not getting up until after eight.

My legs still hurt this morning although not as much as yesterday.

Was pretty late getting into the office today.  The lack of sleep last night did not help anything.

Worked pretty hard today.  Skipped lunch and worked straight through today, but got a lot done. 

After work the family went to Brookhaven for dinner. It is kids’ night.  Dinner was good and after eating the girls went and did necklace crafts at the kids’ craft table.  They love that they finally figured out that they can do that and they really look forward to it now.

At home we watched some Hot in Cleveland, The Mindy Project and then Dominica wanted to watch Men in Black.  We have not seen that movie in forever.  I really didn’t remember much of the movie.  It is certainly a classic.

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