September 9, 2013: Sore Day

Dominica and I are both incredibly sore today, even worse than yesterday.  How is that possible?  We are really sore, it is very hard to walk.

Dominica and AJ were up early and went in to the office.  This is the only day that we know for sure that they are working together all day.  We are not sure what is happening later in the week.  AJ has a “Google Hangout” webinar kind of thing that he is doing tomorrow with Spiceworks so he is tied up for that.

I was in the office today.  Very slow day.  For lunch Dan, Doue and I went to Jimmy Johns and I got their gourmet veggie club which is really good.  Then we got a car wash for Dan and back to the office.

AJ left work early as he has an apartment to go check out.  That is a big part of his reason for being down here this week is his apartment hunting process.  Officially moving down in two months.  He is pretty excited.  He really liked the apartment that he found today and he signed for it so he is all set to move now.

I got home after work around five.  We were pretty tired, Dominica and I watched a little Are You Being Served? and snacked.  The girls snuggled with us and played with the iPads on the couch.

AJ got home much later, maybe around seven or later as it was nearly dark, and his parents stopped by to say hi as we have not met them yet.  They were dropping him off so it made sense.  They brought us Shipley’s donuts too!

This evening we introduced AJ to Are You Being Served? which he had never heard of before and he laughed like crazy.  We definitely have a convert.

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