September 17, 2013: Busy Morning

Well now we are into the process of really trying to figure out what we are going to be doing as we have to move pretty soon.  We are on a counter now.  The days are ticking down and we have a lot to get figured out.

This morning I had to be up really early as I had an on site visit to do at eight this morning.  That was a bit of a mess.  My Windows phone has a horrible mapping system for the GPS and took me to completely the wrong place.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.  Not too impressed by the phone at the moment.  Ended up being very late finally getting there and had to have Art give me directions over the phone while I drove since the GPS was useless.

Had a good meeting and got into the office around ten.  That was an exhausting way to start the day.  I was worn out before even getting started.


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