September 19, 2013: Last Day with AJ

Today is our last day with AJ.  He’s been with us for two weeks.  He doesn’t leave for a few days but we are all leaving for Houston first thing in the morning.

AJ went into work today, he is training the new guy today so he has a busy day.  I went into the office at normal time.  Not super early, no reason to be early anymore 🙂

Worked all morning.  It was  a little busy but not bad.  So much has already migrated off of me that it isn’t too bad now.

For lunch, Dan, Doue and I went to Mooyah Burger to be quick and cheap.  Their food is awesome.

After lunch I headed over to Dominica’s office to check in on AJ and his trainee.  I brought them a huge bag of French Fries too.  Worked there for a few hours and then back home to work from home for the rest of the afternoon.


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