September 20, 2013: Rain Soaked Drive

Got up this morning and got to work.  Put in a few hours before we left for Houston.  We had thought about leaving first thing this morning but wanted to drive mid day so that a lot of the drive would happen during “lunch” and I was hoping that the rain would die down.  It did not.

We left at a quarter after ten, leaving AJ at the house – he is heading back to New York early tomorrow morning by plane so has today to himself to relax in Carrollton.  He will be in California on Thursday and through the weekend.  Then back to New York and then Spiceworld in Austin at the end of October.  Then as soon as that is over he is doing his final relocation to Texas.  He has a very busy month going on.

We got on the road and quickly discovered that the rain was much heavier than we had thought and that it was going to be a pretty horrible drive down to Houston.  It ended up raining heavily the entire way.  There were some light breaks but mostly it just varied between light and almost blinding rain.  Not fun.  We often couldn’t drive above thirty miles an hour and there were several big accidents that we got stuck waiting for.  It was a very fatiguing drive down.

It was almost six hours of driving to get to Houston.  It was awful.  We were all very tired and worn out.  It was four and the office needed me so I had to leap out of the car and sign in and work for several hours immediately upon arrival.  But at least we made it down safely as the degree of rain really made it a dangerous drive, especially in Texas.

I spoke with Pertino in California tonight now that we have all of our schedule and stuff and they are bringing me out to California again later this week.  This will be my second time to Silicon Valley this year (and ever) but only I am going out this time and I am making it a quick in and out trip…. leaving Thursday morning pretty early and returning very early Saturday morning.  No spare time at all.  If we didn’t have to pack up the house and get ready to move I would have hung out for the weekend but no way to do that this time, sadly.  But at least I am making it out now.

After dinner I took Madeline and Emily out to the movies to go see the new Disney / Pixar movie Planes which was really good.  One of the best Pixar movies that I have seen and we all thought that it was better than Cars.

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