September 29, 2013: The Real Packing Begins

The girls tried to wake me up way too early this morning.  First Luciana had come and asked to sleep with us last night but she did well. Liesl got up and tried to wake me up around eight but I really needed sleep.  So Dominica got up with them and kept them busy so that I could sleep in.  After getting basically no sleep last night and traveling all day and going out last night I really needed the sleep.

I got paged out and had to go work for the office.  Today is the first “last” day at my job.  As in, today was my last Sunday.  So after today, no more Sunday afternoon support calls.  That part of my job is now over.  No idea who is taking that one over next week, but whoever it is, they will not be happy.

After my call was over we packed up the kids and ran over to IHOP to use a coupon that we had for lunch.  We all got pancakes and then the girls begged to go to Braum’s for ice cream.  Today is my final weekend day living in Texas so we decided to splurge.

We got back home and set to work on packing up the house.  Dominica dug into packing Luciana’s room and I was up to the attic to find boxes and start to assess the attic situation.

We are seriously contemplating just moving back into our house in Peekskill as we already own it, can refinance it while there and could spend some time having it renovated (we need to completely gut and replace the kitchen and the downstairs half bath as starting points and would really like to modernize the basement by removing the wall of mirrors and repaint the whole thing.)  And we have some people seriously interested in our Carrollton house, so we are trying to get them to come out and look at it, possibly today.

After coming down from the attic with lots of new boxes we realized that we did not appear to have any packing tape.  So Dominica ran off to Walmart to get tape so that we can assemble boxes and begin the process of really packing.  I’m hoping to, at a minimum, have my office boxes today.  The office has the most uniform stuff and the heaviest – the books.  I’ve already eliminated a stack of books that I don’t need to take with me that will be going somewhere else.  Tomorrow I need to coordinate getting our storage unit here in Carrollton so that we can move a bunch of our stuff there too.

We think that we found someone interested in taking our massive and awesome platform bed that we used to use in Peekskill.  We’ve not had a place to set it up and use it in years and moving it is taking a toll on it.  We have someone seriously interested in renting the house here in Carrollton and if they took the bed too that would be great.  We could just set it up in the master before we leave and have it out of the way of the packing too.  We hate to leave it but we are basically guaranteed that we cannot possibly set it up for at least the next three years and we haven’t been able to for the last seven.  So knowing that there is so little hope of using it, just giving it to someone who really will use it just seems better.  It sucks because it is such an amazing bed frame that Art made for us.  We hate to not use it but we really just don’t seem to have any way to do so.

We actually opened up the windows today and went off of the air conditioner for the first time since spring.  Very nice to have fresh air in the house again.  I will not miss that about Texas, eight or nine months of needing to have the windows closed and never any fresh air.  In New England we should have fresh air all of the time, or nearly so, except in winter.

We are using our house wiki as a way to track all of the boxes and what is being put into them.  We are hoping that by having an online documentation of all of our packing that we will actually be able to find stuff again – especially if we end up having stuff in long term storage somewhere for a long time which is very much possible.  Much like what happened during the moves of the New Jersey years that we had thought were over when we moved to Texas.

Got a lot of boxes packed and earmarked stacks of additional books for donation.  Probably eliminated one entire box of books from being packed and moved.  So much stuff to pack!

This evening, pretty late, Liesl and I played Ankh 3 again.  She has been asking to play it again for a few days and I had promised her that we would play it today.  We managed to finish it today, she was very excited.  This is our fourth real video game that we have completed together.  I promised her once she is in Connecticut with me that we would start playing “The Whispered World” which she has been excited to get to.

The girls were up way too late tonight.  Luciana was falling asleep on the couch and got off to bed at ten thirty.  Liesl was up till eleven thirty but was good and went to bed on her own when we realized the time.

Dominica and I finished watching the second season of The New Girl tonight.  What a great last three episodes.  Very good show, it has really grown on us.  So we are now completely caught up with it.

I will be in the office tomorrow.  Only five days left until I head off to Connecticut and we have very few plans made so far. Packing has started but is not nearly far enough.  We have someone definitely interested in the house in Carrollton but nothing definite.  We have no idea what is going on with the house in New York.

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