September 30, 2013: Home Stretch

In the office today for my final week.  So hard to believe that this is it, the very last week of the job that I have been at for almost eight years.  It feels surreal.

Now we have so much to do to get ready that we are in a little bit of a panic.  There is really so much to do.  It is crazy.  We need to pack up the house.  We have to get ready for me to be away for weeks without the family.  I need to find a way back to Texas and a ride between cities.  We have to get a storage unit.  We have to fill that storage unit.  We have to arrange movers.  We need to rent our house in Texas.  We need to figure out what is going on with the house in Peekskill (are we moving into it?)

Morgan came over today to watch the girls and allow Dominica to get packing and house stuff done.

Dan and I went to Redneck for lunch today.  We are planning on hanging out all week since this is the end of my time here in Texas.

After lunch I went home so that I could assist Dominica with house repairs.  She had run out to Home Depot and got stuff that we needed for the house.  I got home just in time to find that she had done the plumbing herself – we have plumbers coming tomorrow to deal with the clog in the kitchen drain and we were hoping not to need them to work on the broken garbage disposal as well.

I may not have mentioned by while I was in California, the garbage disposal broke, but Dominica was not sure what it was.  I was on the plane heading towards Dallas when she discovered water pouring out from under the sink.  She did not have time to look into it so left it for me to look at.  On Sunday I took everything out from under the sink, ran the water and found that the garbage disposal was pouring water straight out of the bottom of it.  Time for a new one.

So Dominica picked one up today and, with Art on the phone, removed the old one and installed the new one!  When I got home she was just wrapping up the final bits of the installation.  So there is a new Insinkerator Badger now.

Dominica also fixed the toilet in our bathroom which has been broken for a week or two.  Nothing major but the flapper and chain have been breaking.  They are old, probably as old as the house, and just needed to be replaced.  So she did.  Now it works great.

I had to run an errand for AJ taking a package over to UPS for delivery down to Austin.  That only took a few minutes.

We did a little more packing tonight but relaxed a bit.  Lots of new television to watch that we wanted to see together.

The big show that we are really excited about is Blacklist which just started on NBC with James Spader.  We’ve been seeing ads for it for a while on Hulu and thought that it looked really good so wanted to check it out and we were not disappointed.  The only problem is that it is too violent to watch while the girls are awake so we started it but had to turn it off to save for later at night.

So we finished the second season of The New Girl and caught up on Family Guy and got the girls off to bed.   We watched the new episodes of The Mindy Project and tried out the new Seth Green show Dads.

Then we watched the rest of Blacklist which was excellent.  James Spader is an amazing actor and this role is really perfect for him.  We are pretty sure that we are really going to like this show.

After that we watched the first two episodes of the new show Sleepy Hollow which is a thriller, mystery, horror show based loosely on the events in the book but set in the modern world – but one that has apparently never heard of the book which doesn’t make much sense.  But other than ignoring the fact that the book is famous and not one person in the story realized that the events of the book are unfolding in Sleepy Hollow, NY it is pretty good.  And the police chief’s name is even Irving and no one points out the coincidence.

The thing that we probably like most about Sleepy Hollow is that a lot of it is actually shot in Westchester just a few miles from our house.  So watching it just before we move back to the area is really cool.

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