September 6, 2013: Rainforest Cafe Grapevine

Had to be up at six this morning so that I could quickly shower and zip into the office to support non-farm payroll announcements this morning.  It was a good announcement today, more jobs and lower unemployment.  It continues to be a very slow, decade long economic recovery, of a sort.  Now if housing prices could just keep improving in Peekskill!!

The office was busy enough today that we did not manage to get lunch.  I had to work through lunch as did pretty much everyone else.  A very long day considering that many of us started really early.

I left work as soon as I could which was actually at a pretty decent time.  I had called Dominica and we had discussed dinner options and had decided that we should see if we could maybe take the girls out to the Rainforest Cafe again as they had such a great time there down in San Antonio a few days ago and while we live in Dallas we have one only minutes away next to my office at Grapevine Mills.  We were afraid that it would be really busy as it is a Friday night.

I got home, picked up the family, and we drove out to Grapevine Mills Mall.  So weird that one of the few Rainforest Cafes that there is is located in one of our local malls.  Liesl was so excited when she saw the logo and realized what it was but was confused because we were not in San Antonio.

Dinner was very good and the girls had a blast, again.  This is probably their new favourite restaurant.  They love the mac and cheese there and they love all of the moving animals, the light shows, the ambiance.  It really works well for them.  We were not as close to animatronics this  time and it kept Luciana from being afraid so that was good.  I took them both for a walk to go see the tigers.

That made for a nice evening and happy children.  It was a good idea to take them out for something special.

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