September 7, 2013: Work Out Day

Today AJ is driving from North Carolina to Texas but isn’t going to stay with us tonight as originally planned but is going to crash at a hotel till later in the week.  We got updates from him throughout the day.

I was supposed to hit the gym with Chris early this morning but he had some clients shift around so we ended up working out at the Rosemeade Community Complex at noon.  I did a pretty good lifting workout.  I was pretty worn out after that one.

Did some work this afternoon while Dominica worked on getting school stuff set up for Liesl.

Chris came over this afternoon and Dominica helped him with some arm modeling for his iPhone wrist band device.  Then she did some lifting too.  We are going to both be pretty soar tomorrow.

I went out to Redneck for a little bit this evening with Bryan that I haven’t seen in months.  Didn’t hang out for long.

Chris came over this evening and babysat after the kids went to bed so that Dominica and I could go out tonight.

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