October 1, 2013: Last Lunch at Redneck

Only three days left.  This is all flying by so quickly.

Went into the office a little on the late side this morning, just before ten.  Worked for a while.  Then Dan, Venkat and I went out for lunch at Redneck.  I drove separately as I had a call to do so I did that from the car while driving to save time.  That was quite efficient.  It wrapped up just as I pulled in.

So we took a long lunch and hung out with Chelsey and saw as many people as we could as this is one of, if not my very, last lunch at Redneck for a long time (or possibly ever. )  I suspect that we will be back later this week but I’m not sure when that will be so this very well might be my last lunch trip.  Watson and I are scheduled to be there tomorrow night, late, and that is very possibly my final evening trip too.  Getting down to the wire.  Seeing everyone for the last time.

After lunch I went home and helped out there.  Did a lot of house cleaning today.  It is looking much better.  We need to be able to show it soon.  Hopefully people will soon be interested in renting the house.  We’ve got to get it onto the market soon.

Dominica reserved a storage unit today that I have to go get tomorrow morning.  Then we will start moving some stuff that is definitely staying in Texas out to there.  That will help getting that stuff out of the way of the packing efforts.  There is a lot staying here, we are hoping that a five by five storage unit will be sufficient to hold it all.

Tonight we watched the new episodes that just released of Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow.  We are enjoying these new shows that have just released.  Glad that we have Hulu so that we can watch them.

I went to bed early tonight after kidding the kids off to bed.  Dominica stayed up late.


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