October 15, 2013: Tuesday

The Ides of October already.  This month is moving by quickly, even with me being out in Connecticut all alone.  Only a week and a half until I return to Texas for almost a week.  Today is Tuesday and I fly out next Friday.  That’s just ten days away and I will see dad over this weekend as well.

We have been working with our renters in Peekskill to figure out what they are going to do.  They know that we are desperate to be in the house by November 10th.  We are very, very hopeful that they will have some place to live by then so that we don’t have to find an interim place to live until they are able to move out of the house.

Got moving a little slowly this morning and traffic was a bit of a pain on the way into the office.  Got in and had another very long day of doing training.  Good stuff, but it is very long and hard to keep on track with many, many hours of training.

Lunch today was an amazing cheese quesadilla.  Not the healthiest, but very tasty.  I did discover today that I can get grilled salmon, as far as I can tell, every day which is what I really need to start doing on a regular basis.

Worked until around seven this evening in the office.  It was dark quite a while before I left to go back to the hotel.  Not that there is any hurry to return to the lonely hotel room.  Looking forward to being into the house and having the family here.  At least keeping up on SGL is no problem.

Lonely night in the hotel.  Didn’t leave to go anywhere tonight.

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